Dear diary: everything was very unexpected

Things has been great and bad lately. My grandpa from my mom side had passed away on mother’s day. That week was very draining. I had finals during that week and I’m very lucky to have pass all my classes. School gets tougher and tougher. I thought Jr. college was hard, but I don’t think I have tried so so so hard. I have worked so hard, just one more semester to go and I’m hoping to graduate with my BA!

Starting summer school next week and I really don’t want to…I can’t wait for a real break. Haven’t done much this summer yet, but trying to take it easy. My 27th bday is coming up soon and I’m going to a few events this summer which would be fun. I can’t wait! I need to start working out or eating better (sigh).

Jordan and I have been doing great. We are spending more time with each other more than before, things are progressing. I’ve been super sick lately so I’ve so cranky, it’s pretty much. Sometimes I still have my scare, but I need to remember that he loves me. He shows me everyday that he does and tries so hard. Why is that sometimes I don’t realize it till the nest day after a fight or I seem to forget or don’t believe him??? must be something wrong with me, I’m like retarded. Anyway…I’m good.

Not sure if I wrote about this, but back in November sometime when Jordan and I were not together, there was a day when a best friend of mine had said some weird things. Since that day, I know I’ve lost a friend. I was sad and mad, but recently I realized that I can live without that friend. Just wondered why he hasn’t tried to contact me, but in a way I don’t want him to. I still feel weird. Maybe one day in the future, but not now. I do have to say I miss talking and getting advice, but of well.


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