Dear diary: I don’t know 

My heart hurts so bad . I’m beginning to see and feel that this might not work out . I realized that he doesn’t know what he wants . Am I suppose to let go . I feel like I’m buying myself more . He doesn’t want to talk about the situation where as I do . He just wants to hangout and rebuild the relationship . He doesn’t even know if he wants me :/ I want him so bad and I want this to work out but in the end is it worth it ? What if he doesn’t love me the way he use too ? Even tho he says he still loves  me. Everything is different know . He didn’t act like he want to change yesterday. I don’t know  what to do . I’m in pain and can’t sleep . Please  give me a sign . I care so much and in the end it’s probably going to me me that hurts the most . He doesn’t want to think about the situation so he’s off hangout and getting high . Why do men run away from emotion? 


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