Dear diary: not that satisfied

Jordan texted me yesterday. Assuming he read my love letters he finally wanted to contact me . Well not sure what the reason is Yet , we haven’t talked or seen each other yet . We are being civil for once I guess. I was kind of surprised he contracted me already . After Sunday I started to move on, not give up but just worry about Myself and feeling better . I wasn’t excepting him to text me so soon since days has passed by and I thought it be a longer wait . He said he wanted to come by last night but I said I was busy . I just don’t want to give in that easy . I’ll give it a couple days . I’ll probably see him tomorrow . I realized in the end, I was so sad and so hurt . Felt like he broke my heart . I felt so guilty, he made me feel like I was such a horrible person. I felt like I tried so hard and didn’t give up. Space did help a little but the way he did it, I felt left out and abandoned . Like he didn’t care what so ever . Well we’ll see what he has to say when I see him . Now I can finally lay out all my feelings . It’s still hard but hopefully we can get through it . 


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