Dear diary: Updating my life

So far, school isn’t so bad this semester except the part where I have to write a 10 page paper in history class. That class has been stressing me out since day one! History is my least favorite subject, I’d be surprised if I passed that class. I hope to pass all my classes this semester. I’m feeling good about these classes. Last semester didn’t go so well so I’m hoping things are looking up for me. School is tough, I’m going 4 days a week and working 2 days a week and it’s hard! I mean, I’m getting enough rest, but I’m just tired and drained. Just hoping all this hard work will pay off and life can be somewhat easy.

Life at home is the usual….crazy mom and annoying siblings aka my brothers and Bubba is doing good. I love him. He’s just so cute and the best thing to come home too, always!

So Jordan’s been jobless since January and it’s been hard for him. It’s been two months now and still, nothing. I’m dating someone so amazing that has no job. WTF? I know I’m being selfish, but he needs to get a job soon or start going to school like he said. I feel like I’ve been pushing him but it’s going nowhere. Jordan is sooooo smart and has so much potential. He can literally go to school and it could be so easy, but he chooses not to. He’s getting offered stupid jobs like, go paint a house or some crap. He’s so much better than that. I don’t get it, if I had brains like he does, my life would be so much easier. He’s getting an interview for the PD soon, but still, my boyfriends needs to get his shit together. Not that I’m going to leave him or anything, I feel like I’m always the one in the relationship who has their shit together, always going to school and working. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but it be nice to tell people….”yeah my boyfriend does this and that and blah blah blah” instead I lie and says he works…. I know he’s trying hard but really I’m looking out for myself and my future. I just want whats best. I want someone to do things with and take me out. I miss it when he would/could take me out. It was nice. I’m okay sitting and watching TV, but it gets boring and old. Sometimes I like to spend money and eat good food and go places. People say that woman ask for too much, but we just want whats best. I want to be with someone who is going to be successful aka be rich. Maybe I’m like this is becasue I’ve worked hard all my life and still am. I need someone to take care of me and take charge and do shit for me. I feel like I’m doing everything. I feel like my MOM! I love Jordan and hope things are looking up for him, I know good things will come to him. Jordan is really an amazing person. I know he loves me and cares for me a lot. He always tries to please me and do things for me. It’s enough, but he needs a job or go to school soon.


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