Dear diary: Can’t give up now

Today is a pretty depressing day. I found out I failed my geography test. I really thought I passed. I stayed up all night studying. I even knew the information and I still failed. This is why it’s taking me so long to go to school. I’ve been in college ever since I graduated high school; that’s 7 years now! I should be done by now. I keep trying and trying, failing and failing, but I’m still trying. I’m just hoping one day it will be all worth it. Everyday, I strive to be the best and try to do whatever I can until my body and head is dead, and this is what I get. A big fat F! I know I need to study more and hopefully I’ll pass next time. I’ve gotten this far, I can’t give up now. If I do, then what?! I just need to keep moving forward. I tell myself everyday, “Just do it, just do it!” I do like school, I just don’t comprehend it well and easily like others. I just want to graduate.

I want to thank you my best friend Blake for always being there for me, even though you are so annoying most of the time. He usually knows what to say when I’m feeling down.

Thank you to my sister Christina for always helping me and pushing me to do better! She sent me so many snap chats of Bubba, which always makes my day. I was laughing so hard! LOL My baby Bubba is so silly.

And thank you Jordan for always making me giggle and smile. I felt so guilty for smiling after I found out I failed my test. Is that weird? I had opened a snap chat video from him, it was just him say hi and giving me kisses and another was him comforting me, telling me it’s okay. It was so cute.

I feel very blessed to have people support me so thank you!


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