Dear diary: So sweet

Last night, Jordan had ask me to go play pool with him and his friend. I went over to his house first and he made me dinner; we had spaghetti. It was cute. Then went to play pool for a couple of hours; I had a good time, except I was really tired. After that, we went back home to relax before I had to go home. We look and act like a couple. Is this weird? He literally treats me like I’m his girlfriend, and I like that. He’s always holding my hand, rubs me and always wants to be close to me and just gives me random kisses. It’s so sweet and I love that. He’s such a gentlemen too! I’m just surprised and in aw by him. He would snap chat me here and there, like he is always thinking of me. He would always say good morning and see how I’m doing. Makes me feel wanted, which is a really nice feeling.


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