Dear diary: Went to go get yogurt with a boy

So, Jordan and I have been texting. I felt spontaneous yesterday and just asked him if he’d like to go get yogurt or ice cream with me. He said yes. I was pretty nervous to meet him because the last time I saw him was last year and I was at a bar drunk and singing with all my friends. So we never really set a time to meet up because I was working and he was busy until a certain time. So we just texted each other whenever we were ready but good lord he took forever to come over to my house! I was thinking we’d go around 8 pm but he didn’t show up until 9:30 pm! I was so sleepy by then; just wanted to be in bed but I couldn’t flake since I had asked lol. Anyway……….. he showed up HIGH! He had told me before in advance so I was a little okay with it. It’s just a pet peeve of mine plus he’s meeting me, I thought it was a little rude showing up like that. He said he smoked earlier but he didn’t know he was going to be high still. When he stepped out of his car to meet me, we gave each other a hug and he was like, “omg you are so small” lol yeah….I get this a lot, no big surprise here for me. When someone hasn’t seen me in along time, they forget how short I am. When we arrived to the yogurt shop, as we were walking in, he said, “I really need to tell you something, “You are so cute!” and I said “Thank you!” Just the way he said it was so genuine. We tried different flavors and we ended up sharing a cup full of yogurt and toppings! He was like, “Do you want to share? Ill make it for us.” I thought that was kind of cute. Who shares nowadays? Even I don’t haha. But I thought it was a cute gesture, so sure, why not. When we went to pay, I told him I got it, but he had already had money out to hand to the cashier. See! That’s what I like to see, a man trying to pay even thought I totally could have gotten it. I didn’t mind, but it was very nice of him. We went outside to sit and talked for about an hour and a half. He ended up talked the whole entire time! WTF. I’m listening and smiling but hello….what about me. He literally didn’t stop talking. Once he did, I talked for a good 20% but he keep interrupting and talked more about himself and random stuff. I mean don’t get me wrong, the stuff he was saying was interesting, but the point was to “get to know each other.” So he basically doesn’t know shit and me yet. I think it was because he was high so he was rambling on and on. I mean, I had a good time and he’s super good looking and yeah I’m going to give him another try. Even though he talked a lot I still want to hangout with him again and get to know the kind of person he is. He asked me to hangout with him on Saturday night, so we’ll see how that goes. Jordan is such an attractive guy, he has such an amazing smile! I’m literally in love with his smile and he has these hazel eyes….. I can literally just stared at his face lol. I am very attracted to him.  He’s pretty tall and skinny, but he works out so he still looks good. When we arrived home, he gave me the longest hug, it was somewhat awkward but whatever haha. We said good-bye and literally 10 minutes later he texted me good night. He wasn’t even home yet. But anyway, he’s nice and he seems to be interested. Honestly, I wanted to really met up with him and finally hangout but all I wanted to do was jump at him!lol I just want to make this right and not be stupid, but sometimes you just got to do what you feel or what you want.

We both had to be up early this morning and I was very surprised that I got a “Good Morning” text from him. It was like 6:30 am. It’s funny how a little text from a guy can make you smile.


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