Dear diary: The storm has past

I’ve been saying this a lot, “Nothing lasts forever.” It is very true. Think about it! It can be good or bad, but it won’t last forever. So in the end everything will be okay. I think it is the easiest lesson we learn the hardest way.

There has been so many beautiful sunsets since the Fall season has started. That’s why I love this weather. Last week, I literally ran out to see the sunset. By the time it’s starting to get beautiful, it goes by very fast. So don’t waste a minute to go see something so amazing with your own eyes. Live in the moment and just enjoy because nothing lasts forever.

Also, for myself and others out there, pain and heartache doesn’t last. It’s all temporary, it will be okay in the end. I know that because I’m beginning to feel better again, feelings are fading away. And it feels great!


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