Dear diary: Give me something

I am dead tired.
Mitchell had texted back really late last night. We texted a bit. It was about 3 am, and he was telling me about work; he’s doing well. He asked me questions like he cared or he was concerned. I mean, it was nice, but I still need to act casual. I need to be strong and not fall for him unless it’s real. He was calling me “cutie” and saying how he’s worried about me….like where is this all coming from? I’m prepared for anything, whether this is something or not or even real. I’ve been waking up these past few days like this whole Mitchell thing is a dream.
I am really confused. My emotions are all over the place. Is he going to text me again or what’s going to happen? Maybe nothing, maybe this is it. Was he drunk last night? Or was it his jet lag? I don’t fucking know! Wtf!
I’m not in the best mood. I need answers. I need positivity. I need a sign.
MJ told me today that any boy who texts you “how are you” already sucks.


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