Dear diary: One of those days

Woke up so tired this morning. By the time I got to school I forgot my makeup! All my flaws are showing today haha! So pretty much I’m feeling uneasy with no makeup on. Feeling gross and a blob today. On top of feeling like that I also forgot my headphones! Of all things I forget those, but of course I went to go buy some at the school’s store. Just feeling so overwhelmed with all these exams coming up, I’m not stressed surprising. I just really need to do well and I’m already getting an early start on preparing for the exams. I’m at an actual University now, it is a big deal and I really need to pass. Skipped the gym this afternoon because I wasn’t feeling it, my morning didn’t go smooth so I’m feeling more UHG! But as the day pass by I don’t even care about not having makeup on. It is what it is. I have one more class until I get to be home!

Work has been pretty busy lately, I don’t know what it is. It’s suppose to be that time of the year where it’s slow, kids are in school, and parents are working, but no, I guess these people have time to relax. I’m a nail technician by the way. As I can’t even caught my breath in school, but I can’t even caught my breath at work! WTF.

As I’m blogging, Mitchell just snapped me something…………..Speaking of him, I watched this buzz-feed video yesterday and it’s called, “People write secret confessions about their ex’s” Most of them were sad. One said, “Even though we stayed friends, I still can’t forgive the fact that you kept our relationship a secret.” That’s fucked up. Another one said, “It’s been 3 years and I still wonder if I messed up by ending it.” Dam…… A funny one was, “My toenail polished last longer than you!” That’s my favorite! LOL.  Well here’s my confession, I almost loved Mitchell. Even though we dated for 7 months or so we were never in love or loved each other. Sometimes I don’t know or sometimes love can be so many things. He said to me when we broke up, “I’m afraid to say I love you because I’m afraid that I won’t mean it.” Well shit, good thing you didn’t say it. My last ex said I love you and left me the next day! But I really care about Mitchell a lot still and I know he did but not enough. Sometimes I think if we could have had something more, because I feel like we had no time in our relationship to develop because of how busy we were. But yet again, in the end he chose himself and I was tired of trying.  Sometimes, you just got to let go. There are so many great memories about us but trust me, what I want to say to him is a lot of shit!


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