Dear diary: Today felt Blah

Hi guys, it’s kind of late. I just got home from school. I was suppose to blog this afternoon but my iPad wasn’t working properly, so I had written it out. So here it is:

Happy 1st day of Fall! It doesn’t even feel like Fall yet. Sacramento is so dry and this heat needs to go away, but it is a beautiful day today at school; nice and breezy while I’m blogging my life away. It’s Tuesday, which means I’m at school all day, literally though, from 7am-9pm. When I get home, I am drained, my brain is fried, and my eyes are hella blurry, which means I need SLEEP!

So far, today is a good day. I’m going to start drinking green tea again, it makes my body feel better and I do need to slim down a bit lol. Green tea is very good for you, helps you digests better. I did hw and worked-out on my 6 hour break. Yes I know it’s a long break but trust me, it goes by fast. I always have loads of hw and I workout for an hour.

It’s been kind of a boring day…no calls…no texts. My sister is right, I’m always on my phone lol and yeah I don’t really talk to anyone and no one really ever texts me. It’s just a bad habit to be on your phone all the time, constantly checking Facebook or Instagram for no dam reason. I guess it’s just wishing I have someone to talk to, but at the same time I don’t need it. I’m good with just myself; writing, doing hw, listening to music, working-out, Netflix, and ect… I don’t need distractions. It is good to get away from the social world. So yeah, literally talked to no one today. Sometimes I feel like I’m far away and it’s just me living alone.

I was browsing around my snap-chat today and as I scroll down, I see the name “Mitchell” instead of his username…..ummmm excuse me, why are you trying to add me when I deleted you. What does he want? If you want to contact me, you can text or call. I mean you do have my number because you just texted me last week. Don’t contact on snap-chat, it’s like messaging someone on Facebook when they have your number. Is everything on social media nowadays? In general I like talking on the phone or talk in person, it’s so much easier. People are so awkward, yes, a text is easier but still, why?

Some random guy messaged me on Instagram earlier. He asked me, “Do you live in Spring Hill?” I had said I use too. Then he asked me where I do live…why I moved…do you have snap-chat?….uhhh okay dude, like I’m going to tell you that! All I said was that I only lived there for a few months. He said that I popped up on this hashtags (springhill) and he finds me attractive. Pretty much he said I was cool to hangout with if I were to still be in TN. Um….why would you even want to talk to someone you found on Instagram. You don’t even know me. He even asked for me to give him my snap-chat name, and I said I don’t use it. People are weird and desperate sometimes. Like Okay, we are not getting together.

So, there is this quote that I had found and kept for a while. “I want to travel the world with you twice. Once, to see the world, twice to see the way you see the world.” This quote only caught my eye because of Mitchell. He and I had taken little trips here and there to the beaches and hiking when we were dating. Anyway, my friend Victoria told me the other day, “I see you with someone who you can go travel with and be adventurous with.” I was like really??? I never been an out-door kind of girl until I met Mitchell. He really opened my eyes to a traveling life, I never really enjoyed trips much until him. He was my traveling buddy and I was his. I didn’t know traveling can be so much fun lol. As I thought about what Victoria said, she’s right. That’s exactly what I want. Yes, I would like to be with someone who going to show me the world; a traveling buddy forever. You really do learn a lot about that other person when going on trips. Maybe it’s like moving in together? I don’t know? But you get to see the real person or a different side of them, whether they are good for you or not.

I would like to mention, please comment and ask questions if you like whether it’s good or bad. I would love to hear it. Thank you and good night!


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